Why Are Random Unrelated Companies Signing Up To My Website?

Unfortunately, websites that may offer a free sign up option for a public listing or profile are susceptible to unwanted sign ups, this is quite common on the internet and usually comes from SEO companies trying to get their clients links on other sites.

Here are a few recommendations to address this:

1. Navigate to Members - Search Members and identify the JOIN IP from the unwanted listing. Block the IP and bulk to delete the listings created by that IP. This step usually gets rid of the unwanted sign ups and after a few times blocking IPs and deleting those members, they stop.

2. Require admin moderation for all free sign ups.

On this step it's a good idea as well to customize and edit the welcome-basic email template. As an advice, remove the "verify your email" link from the email template and instead include instructions on what the user can expect next.

Here's a helpful article onĀ How to Edit Email Templates

3. Do not allow free members to post links and especially not followed links to their profile (these are options in the Membership Plans settings), which removes the incentive for spam signups.

4. Charge $1 to join the basic level. This will stop all free sign ups since now there is NO FREE SIGN UP option and it's required to pay a nominal $1 to join the site with a listing.

*You may choose to utilize all or some of these strategies. They will assist with combating unwanted sign ups from joining a site with a free membership option.