By default, users can search for members on your Brilliant Directories website by category, but they can only search within one category or sub-category at a time.

The Dynamic Category Filtering add-on allows users to search within multiple categories at once. This is ideal for websites that only have one main category with multiple sub-categories.

If you have this on your site and wish to activate it, please follow these steps:

Go to Toolbox - Sidebar Manager:

In the next page you can select which sidebar you wish to add the dynamic category filtering to, as an example we will proceed with the Member Search Result sidebar as this is most likely the sidebar that everyone will be interested in:

Search for the Dynamic Category keyword to see the 3 options that you have for the dynamic category filtering.

You can then click and drag over the widget add-on that will work best for your website.

This is how it will show for each type of dynamic category filtering:

Bootstrap Theme - Dynamic Category Filter - Top Level Category

Bootstrap Theme - Dynamic Category Filter - Top   Sub Level Category

Bootstrap Theme - Dynamic Category Filter - Sub   Sub-Sub Level Category

To learn more about sidebar management, I highly suggest this folder with articles about sidebar management:

If you have any question, feel free to submit a ticket HERE.