The admin can use the "Featured Blog Article Slider" add-on functionality to show single photo posts such as blogs (Default), articles, coupons, jobs and events. 

If the admin would like to use this add-on with any of the posts mentioned above, please follow these steps: 

1. Go to Settings - Design Settings and click on Home tab, from there expand the Select Content to Display:

2. Select the option "Featured Blog Article Slider"

3. Choose the post type the admin wants to use this streaming widget with: articles, coupons, jobs or events. In this case, I'll use the events post type, so I'll choose "Coupons". 

4. By default, the Blog Form has a field to display the "Featured Post Input", so in order to add these new posts, we need to add this same field to the events form. Please go to Toolbox >> Form Manager. 

5. Find the form the admin needs to customize (Articles, coupons, jobs or events). 

6. Click on Actions >> Customize. 

I'm going to customize the "Coupons" form because I'm using this post type as an example but if the admin is going to use another post, please use the following forms: 

  • Articles: member_article_fields 
  • Coupons: coupon_fields 
  • Jobs: job_fields 
  • Events: event_fields

7. Click on "New Field". 

8 Select "Custom HTML" as the Field Type. 

9. In the"Field Label" option, paste this widget: [widget=Bootstrap Theme - Display - Feature Post Input]

10. Show in Display View? need to be set to "Off".

11. Show in Input View? need to be set to "On".

12. Save the changes. 

Once this has been added the admin will see a new field in the "Events" form. It will allow the admin to select the posts they want to show in the homepage slider. 

Before the form customization: 

After the form customization: 

Now, when an coupon is added, we can select which event to show in the homepage slider.  

They will look like this: 

Important: this add-on won't work with multiple photo posts such as properties, photo albums, classifieds, products, etc. Also, make sure to follow the suggested image size: Recommended image size 760x400 pixels

If this add-on is not yet owned, the admin can purchase it on our website.
Also find more information about this add-on in our documentation: Featured Blog Article Slider Add-On.