The Bookmark Counter Add-on adds a live counter next to the bookmark icon on posts and member listings.

To acquire this add-on please access: 

By showing how many times a post (such as products, coupons, properties and more) has been saved by users of your website, it encourages others to take action sooner rather than later. That could mean contacting a member to buy their item that’s listed for sale or calling a real estate agent whose property is listed on your website. This increases user engagement on your website and provides your members with proof that your website is a valuable resource for them.

To turn this counter on follow these steps:

Go to Settings >> Design Settings expand the Search Results Design tab >> Find: Enable Bookmark Counter

On Membership Features Posts you are going to see how many times it was liked:

Member Search results are going to show the total likes as well:

If you have further questions, feel free to submit a ticket HERE.