The Lead Module is the engine that connects your website visitors to your website members. When someone wants to contact a member on your website, the following basic functionality needs to occur -

  • Website member gets an email notifying them that someone has tried to contact them:

  • Website visitor gets an email from your website notifying them that their request has been received and they can expect to get a reply from the business or professional shortly:

  • The Directory owner gets an email notifying them that a lead has been submitted on the website:

You have 2 options when sending your members their new lead information:

  • member-lead-preview: This email includes a message preview to your members. Your members will have a link that logs them into their accounts instantly which gives them the opportunity to accept or decline the lead -

  • member-lead-complete: This email includes the entire message and contact details of the website visitor. By sending the complete lead, you essentially take away the necessity of interacting with your website. Also, by sending the complete lead, your members will not be required to "accept" the lead, which in turn makes it impossible to keep track of which leads have been accepted-

The system will follow this same email format for mobile display:

These templates can be edited to your liking by going to EMAIL >> EMAIL TEMPLATES. To learn more about how to edit email templates visit:

>> How To Edit Email Templates

There is much more that goes into the lead module, but this is the functionality at its core. To Quickly Master The Leads Module We Strongly Recommend Watching The Following Youtube Playlist:

>> Everything You Need To Know About The Leads Module