Sendgrid Integration: Unblock Emails



With the Sendgrid Integration, it is possible to use a personal/business SendGrid account to send all emails instead of using the Brilliant Directories system.

However, when using a personal SendGrid account and API credentials it does not allow for Brilliant Directories to check for blocked emails or unblock the emails from the admin. 

Any blocks will need to be removed directly within the Sendgrid personal account dashboard.

How To Unblock Emails

1. Log in to your SendGrid account:

2. An email address may be blocked due to being on any of these "Suppressions" lists found in the sidebar:

3. Under the Suppressions link, click on Blocks. Sendgrid will then provide details on why Sendgrid blocked the email:

It is possible to delete all blocks:

Or individual:

4. If the email address is not listed in any of these, we recommend clicking on "Activity" in the sidebar and searching for the email address that isn't receiving the emails: