How To Create A New Form


In this article, we will be going over the process of how to create a new form.

To accomplish this, navigate to Toolbox >> Form Manager and click on the "New Form +" button:

When clicked, the system will display a pop-up where the new Form Nickname and Form Variable Name can be added:

Some Rules Regarding the Form Nickname and Form Variable Name:

- Form Nickname has to be unique, meaning that it should not match an existing form

- Only spaces, "-" and "_" will be accepted in the Form Nickname

- Form Variable Name needs to be at least 3 characters

- Only lowercase characters and "_" will be accepted for Form Variable Name

When clicking on Save & Continue, the system will display this newly created form with some default fields:

The new form is then launched and comes with 9 basic fields:

  1. Title
  2. Name
  3. Email
  4. Phone
  5. Message/Text Area
  6. GDPR Consent Checkboxes (How To Enable)
  7. Recaptcha 
  8. Honeypot (Protects against SPAM)
  9. Submit Message Button

Important Note: As default, this new form will have the same "Form Settings" as the Contact Us form so submitting it will add the submitted data to the Emails >> Form Inquiries

Additional Information:

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The form can be further customized by adding, removing, or editing the existing fields: