The Form Manager is a key module of the Brilliant Directories Platform as it contains all the forms that are used around the site.

Forms are the way members or website visitors are able to submit data to the site, so this is the place to edit, create and customize forms to collect data from the members and visitors.

The Form Manager makes creating new forms easy. 

How To Create New Forms

Step 1 - 

Click on the "New Form + " button:

Step 2 -

Enter in the new Form Nickname and System Name:

Step 3 -

The new form is then launched and comes with 9 basic fields:

  1. Title
  2. Name
  3. Email
  4. Phone
  5. Message/Text Area
  6. GDPR Consent Checkboxes (How To Enable)
  7. Recaptcha 
  8. Honeypot (Protects against SPAM)
  9. Submit Button

This new form will have the same "Form Settings" as the Contact Us form so submitting it will add the submitted data to the "Form Inquiries":

Additional Information:

» How To Embed a Form in a Web Page

» Emails » Form Inquiries

Step 4 -

Customize the form by adding or removing fields.

  • Adding new fields:

  • Removing existing fields: