Froala Editor - Tables


The admin / designer of the site can use the tables within the Froala editor to add content and style to static web pages on the site. This functionality is also available for creating and editing email templates.

The content can be edited in 2 different ways:

1. Using the Admin Froala Editor options: These are available when selecting all the page content, including what is inside and outside of the table.


2. Using the Froala Table Options: These apply for the columns, rows and cells.


The available options to edit are explained below:

- Columns and Rows: Add and delete columns and rows.

- Merge Cells: Merge two or more cells to create a new, larger cell.

- Background Color: Add different colors to cells, columns, and rows.

- Insert an Image: For more information, click on this article  How to Post Images On WYSIWYG Editors

- Vertical Alignment: Choose between Top, Middle, and Bottom.

- Horizontal Alignment: Select between Left, Center, Right or Justify.

- Cell Style: Pick between No Padding, Medium Padding, Large Padding, Extra-Large Padding or to Hide the cell on mobile view. Also, add the option to hide on Mobile, Tablet, or Desktop.

- Image Style: If the image is selected, instead, pick Square, Rounded or Circle, Enlarge or Shrink on Hover, and Hide on Mobile, Tablet or Desktop.

- Remove Table: Click to delete the entire table.

To learn more about Froala tables, please read this article: Web Page Builder: How Tables, Columns and Rows Behave on Mobile Devices