Community Comments


This is a Free Add-On and Enabled on All Websites


With the Community Comments Add-On, enable comments on all of the Post Type detail pages by logged-in members.

Add native comment functionality to the website. Logged-in, active members will be able to leave comments on the website’s content and reply to other members’ comments.

This website add-on eliminates the need to use a third-party solution, such as Disqus, and provides a seamless user experience.

Enabling the Add-On

  1. Go to Interactions » Post Comments:

  2. In the next page click on "Comment Settings":

  3. Within Comment Settings select "Yes" to enable the functionality:

  4.  Select the post types that will allow comments, keep in mind it's possible to filter by keyword:

  5. Add the Default Title Text for Comments Section and the Maximum Character Limit of Each Comment (1000 characters is the maximum limit):

  6. After selecting the post types that allow comments,  a list of settings will appear to configure the functionality per post type, click on each tab to review them:

In-Depth Look at the Settings

The post comments come with various settings that will 

1. Use an alternate title for this Comment Section: This option allows admins to use a different title per post type, instead of the default one. This is what the title will look like:

2. Moderate Comments Before Being Published: These comments can be approved/declined in the backend Admin dashboard explained in the section below.

Text Label Variable: comments_pending_approval

3. Display Comments Count In Search Results?


4. Display Comments Count on Post Details Page:

Yes - Above Post

Yes - Above Comment Section

Yes - Above Post and Comment Section

Showing Member Badges on Post Comments 

If the Member Badges Add-on is enabled on the website, the badges will display once a comment is submitted:

Filter Post Comments via Keyword Search 

Available Sort Order Options for Comments

Backend/Admin Functionality

  1. Bulk Change Status:

  2. Post Type

  3. Filter Status

  4. Member Name or ID

  5. Keyword or Post Title

Individual Actions within each Comment

  1. Actions Drop-down:

  2. Member Information:

  3. Individual Status Change:

  4. Post Title Link:

  5. "View All Comments":

  6.  Edit the comment:

NOTE: Members must be active in order to be able to post a comment. If a not active member attempts to comment a post an error message will display letting them know their account must be active:

"Follow" Comments + Comment Notifications

This allows users to "Follow Comments", meaning, if a comment is left on the post, the user will receive a simple email notification linking to the new comment (similar to private chat emails notifications)

Users will have 3 options to receive an email notification:

  • Any New Comments

  • Only Replies to My Comments

  • Cancel - Stop Following Comments

The last option "CANCEL" will allow the user to Turn Off notifications after they've already opted to follow the post in the first place.

Having the "Follow Post" button will be the indication that any user wants to receive notifications when comments are left on a specific post.

The System Email that is sent out is found in:

  • Emails 
  • Click on Email Templates
  • Search for post-comment-reply-notification

More information: How to Edit Email Templates