WIth the Community Comments Add-On, enable comments on all of the Post Type detail pages by logged-in members.

Add native comment functionality to the website. Logged-in members will be able to leave comments on the website’s content and reply to other members’ comments.

This website add-on eliminates the need to use a third-party solution, such as Disqus, and provides a seamless user experience.

Enable Comments

  1. Go to Content » Post Comments and inside Post Comments click on "Comment Settings":

  2. Within Comment Settings select "Yes" to enable the functionality:

  3. Now all of the settings will appear:

  4. Click "Save" to use the default settings for this functionality.

In-Depth Look at the Settings

  1. Comments Section Title Text:

  2. Display Comments Count:

    Yes - Above Post

    Yes - Above Comment Section

    Yes - Above Post and Comment Section

  3. Moderate Comments Before Being Published:

    These comments can be approved/declined in the backend Admin dashboard explained in the section below.

    Text Label Variable: comments_pending_approval

  4. Enable For All Post Types?

    If selecting "No" - it is important to check the Post Types that will be able to receive comments. Otherwise the comments will not be enabled for any of the post types.

  5. Set the Maximum Character Limit for Comments:

    If no maximum is set, there won't be a limit to the  characters allowed in the comment.

Backend/Admin Functionality

  1. Bulk Change Status:

  2. Post Type

  3. Filter Status

  4. Member Name or ID

  5. Keyword or Post Title

Individual Actions within each Comment

  1. Actions Drop-down:

  2. Member Information:

  3. Individual Status Change:

  4. Post Title Link:

  5. "View All Comments":