In the admin area, navigate to Content -> Edit SEO Templates:

Search for the SEO template to be edited and click on "Edit":

Once on the template, different areas can be edited including the the H1, H2, Meta Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords, Social Media, etc.

Here is an example of what the Search Results - Members - Country Only SEO Template looks like, with the different areas that can be edited:

About Each Element

Below, there is a description of each element and what part of the live page editing will impact:


The H1 element is the main Heading element of a page. This is where it appears on a member search results page:


The H2 element is a secondary Heading element of a page. This is where it appears on a member search results page

Page Content

This is used for adding additional content to the body of the page. Here is an example of adding some additional content to the body of Country search results pages:

All content added here for member search results pages will appear in a tab that says "Read More" on the live site:

When clicking on the tab, the content will appear here:

If this content is added to the SEO Template for member search results pages for countries, then it will appear on all country search results pages.  For example, here is the same content appearing when we click on the Read More tab after doing a location search for Canada:

Variables can also be used in the extra body content area to make relevant content appear depending on the search results page that is being accessed.

For example, when using the %Country_name% variable to insert the name of the country that is being searched into the content of the country search results pages:

Here is how the extra content displays on the Canada search results page:

And the Australia search results page:

** Important Note:  Some SEO templates do not have the option to add additional content because their content is powered by widgets. Therefore,  the tab will not be visible. An example of this, is template # 102 "Write a Review":


On this section it is possible to edit SEO Meta Tags and Social Media Sharing Details 

For more detailed information, click on the following article: How To Edit The SEO Settings Of Dynamic (Search Results) Pages

Customize the CSS Style - Add custom CSS to this specific template.

Customize the  Level HEAD Tags - Add custom  HEAD tags to work only on this template.

Customize the Level Footer Javascript - Add custom footer code that will only work on this template.

Page Info -  It will display the information of the specific template

Display Options tab - Add/edit breadcrumbs to the Search Results SEO templates here and adjust different display options like hiding the header, footer, banner ads, etc.