How To Customize a Widget


To customize a widget, first, we need to locate the default version of the widget. To do so, search functionality under Toolbox  >> Widget Manager can be utilized:


Widgets can be found in the front-end directly using the Admin Bar, as shown in the article down below:

Locating Widget Via Admin Bar

Once the default widget has been found, it can be customized by clicking on Customize option under Actions:

Clicking on Customize will open up the content of the default widget so it can be edited:

Once the desired changes are completed, click on Save Changes, and this newly customized widget will appear on top of the default widgets under the Widget Manager area:

If need to clone the new custom widget created, please click here: 

Once the widget has been customized, there will be few changes to the structure:

1) Additional tab called Diff will appear on the content view:

This will highlight the difference in code between the default version of the widget vs the customized version of the widget.

2) Last Update and Created dates appear under Widget Manager:

This will allow the user to identify when the widget was customized for the first time and last time which can be helpful during the troubleshooting process of issues.

3) Save History option will appear under Actions dropdown:

Clicking on Save History will redirect the user to Activity Tracker, where more information about the changes made can be viewed: