Google Analytics has 2 ways to track the metrics of a site: Universal Analytics or Google Analytics 4.0. This article explains more about these 2 options: Universal Analytics versus Google Analytics 4 data

To identify what process to follow check if the ID starts with "UA" or with "G". 

1. UA:

If the ID starts with "UA" it's a Universal Analytics ID, follow the instructions on this article to install this type of Analytics: Install Google Universal Analytics Tracking

2. G:

If the ID starts with "G" this corresponds to a Google Analytics 4 tag. To add this type of ID follow the instructions on this article: 

use a widget called: Bootstrap Theme - Google Tag Manager Code widget. 

To edit this widget and add the code go to:

Toolbox > Widget Manager > search for: Bootstrap Theme - Google Tag Manager Code widget > Edit:

Try following the instructions in the Google Analytics console, the Tag will look like this with the Analytics ID:

This type of tag also requires adding the code provided by Google in the HEAD, which will include their ID.  Doing a quick search, this is the code I found from Google:

To add this code on the HEAD section of the website go to:

Settings > Design Settings > Custom CSS/HEAD > Additional HEAD Code: