The first step to set up Stripe as a payment gateway is to create an account in Stripe. 

If the Stripe account has been created and the credentials need to be added to the admin, then follow the steps on this article: Get Stripe Credentials - Existing Account

The keys need to be added to the admin:

Creating A New Stripe Account 

These are the necessary steps in order to start this process:

  1. The first step is to register a new account here:
    To learn how to create or connect an account, follow the steps outlined in this article: Getting started with Stripe: create or connect an account

    There are two types of API keys: Publishable and Secret. 
    • Publishable API keys are meant solely to identify the account with Stripe, they aren’t secret. 
    • Secret API keys should be kept confidential. The account’s secret API key can perform any API request to Stripe without restriction.

  2. When the Stripe account has been set up, please go to Developers >> API Keys:

    In order to copy a key, please hover over it and click on "Click to copy"

  3. After the account is created it's now time to add it to the admin.
    To learn more about how to complete this process, please use the following article for reference: Finance » Payment Settings - Setting Up A Payment Gateway

Stripe Test and Live Modes 

  • In test mode, payments are not processed by card networks or payment providers, and only Stripe test payment information can be used.

    Genuine card information cannot be used in test mode. Instead, use any of the following test card numbers, a valid expiration date in the future, and any random CVC number, to create a successful payment.

    Stripe test cards can be found here:

    Each basic test card’s billing country is set to the U.S. If need to create test card payments using cards for other billing countries, use the international test cards.


  •  In Live mode, payments are processed by card networks and members can use real cards.

We recommend the following article for reference as it has plenty of useful information related to how off-site and off-site payment gateways work (Stripe: off-site / PayPal: on-site): Stripe or PayPal Standard?

If need to find more information about other payment gateways compatible with Brilliant Directories please read this article: Supported Payment Gateways