The first step to set up Stripe as a payment gateway is to create an account in Stripe. These are the necessary steps in order to start this process:

  1. Create a new account here:
    To learn more about getting started with Stripe, how to create or connect an account, follow the steps outlined here:

    When the Stripe account has been setup, please go to Developers >> API Keys:

  2. After the account is created it's now time to add it to the admin.
    To learn more about how to complete this process, please use the following article for reference: Finance » Payment Settings - Setting Up A Payment Gateway

We recommend the following article for reference as it has plenty of useful information related to how external and internal payment gateways work (Stripe: Internal - PayPal: external): Stripe or PayPal Standard?

If need to find more information about other payment gateways compatible with Brilliant Directories please read this article: Supported Payment Gateways