100,000 Member Limit Boost

Link: https://support.brilliantdirectories.com/support/solutions/articles/12000080323-100-000-member-limit-boost


Is the membership community growing faster than expected? The 100,000 Member Limit Boost increases the website’s current membership limit by an EXTRA 100,000 members. 

Perfect for Websites That: 

  • Import large member database files.
  • Reach the limits of their member cap.
  • Plan to receive large numbers of new website members.
  • Want to ensure availability for continued membership grow.

How To Get This Add-On 
  1. Websites with the VIP Add-Ons Club automatically have this add-on available: Join The VIP Add-Ons Club
  2. Purchase Individually: 100,000 Member Limit Boost Add-On

Adding to the Limit

Add 10,000 To Your Member LimitAdd 25,000 To Your Member LimitAdd 50,000 To Your Member LimitAdd 100,000 To Your Member Limit
Pay Monthly $10/month

Pay Monthly $25/monthPay Monthly $50/monthPay Monthly $100/month

Pay Yearly $100/yearPay Yearly $250/yearPay Yearly $500/yearPay Yearly $1,000/year

Add 10,000 Members

Add 25,000 Members

To inquire about a customized quote for higher limits, please CONTACT OUR TEAM