Admin Bar


The Admin Bar is a tool that helps the website administrator to easily make updates on the front end of the site. It is also useful to pinpoint important elements like forms, widgets, SEO Templates and sidebars.

To locate the Admin Bar, login into the admin and click on the "Visit Website" button:

This will redirect the admin to the Homepage and the admin bar will show:

Click on the dropdown button to make the bar wider:

The available tools in the bar are described below:

1. Website Dashboard: By clicking on this option, the admin will be redirected to the back-end dashboard:

2. Go To Widget Manager: This option will open up the widget manager section. 

For more information click on the following article Toolbox ยป Widget Manager Overview.

3 & 4: Edit Static Page and Show Widgets: For a detailed explanation of these options, refer to the article below.

How to Locate Widgets, Sidebars, Menus, and Forms Via Admin Bar

When the Admin Bar is active on an SEO template, the name of the SEO template as well as the option to edit it will become visible, here is an article for more information How To Edit The SEO Settings Of Dynamic (Search Results) Pages

5. Show text Labels: This option will highlight the text labels and allow the admin to edit them. Click on this link for details How to Locate Text Labels on the Front End of a Website

6. Design View: This tool allows to make edits on the go! With this new tool make design changes and see them right away!

For more information, please refer to this article Front End Live Design Tool

7. Edit Listing: While looking a member profile, the admin can choose this option and it will be redirect to the member dashboard.

8. Refresh Live Website: Use this option to make sure that recent changes that have been made to widgets, forms, and other elements of the website through the Admin Area are reflected in the website's cache.

9. Exit Admin View: Select this to close the admin bar.

Important Note:

Role Permissions will be reflected when using the Admin Bar. This applies for all Admin Bar options, the permission needs to be enabled in order to access/see the button:

In this example the Web Page, SEO Template, Text Labels and Design Settings options are missing.