To turn on and require validation rules for a form field, please go to Actions >> Validation Options:

Enable validation here:

Validation Rules:

  • Min/Max Characters

Restricts how many characters a field can have.

On the right side, the error message can be added. 

It will look like this in the front end:

  • Numerical Value Range

Set numerical range this field's value needs to fall within.

It will look like this in the front end:

  • Regular Expression

This is an advanced setting for developers to input REGEX rules.

So for example, the regex that is in the placeholder above:




It means that the content has to be any combination of lowercase or uppercase letters (A - Z), numbers, underscores, and periods. 

No other characters would be accepted. Use without the leading or trailing slash /. 

NOTE: If no error message is added, the system will show general error messages. These messages are text labels and are edited by going to Settings >> Text Labels. 

Then at the right top in the search bar, please type "Form validation" and all labels related to these messages will show up.  

For additional questions or help setting this up, please submit a ticket to [email protected] or create a ticket HERE.