How to Access mySQL


Through the database, many things can be done to the site. So in this simple guide, we will cover how to access the database and showcase the most important table.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Any command executed here will most likely have an impact on the system, so when trying them out, please be sure to create a backup of the database and verify how the query to execute is written so that there are no errors that could cause other issues on the database since any change in the database in most cases is permanent.


1. To be able to start editing your database, we first need to access it. To do this, first select the MySQL Database Manage from the Developer Hub:

2. Click on MySQL Database:

3. When we are viewing the database manager, a list of all of your databases (Typically 2 or 3)will be displayed. Click on  "Site"_directory from the Left sidebar:

4. After selecting the database correctly, there should be a long list of tables in the left sidebar, Here the most important table, where all member's data is saved is the users_data table as shown below.