Showing Related Members by Category and Location


How Does It Work?

This default widget will display related member results inside the sidebar of your Member Profile Pages:

In order for this widget to work correctly, all members need to be geocoded. 

Please follow the steps in this article: How To Geocode Members - Sync Members with Google Maps

How to Add:

Look for the "Bootstrap Theme - Module - Member Related Searches" sidebar widget inside Toolbox » Sidebar Manager » Member Profile Page :

Drag and drop the widget into the order:

Additional Information:

» Toolbox » Sidebar Manager

How Members are Determined to be Related:

  • By default, this widget will display as many related members that match the category and/or the location. 
  • Both are checked, and links to the corresponding location and category search result pages will be generated.
  • It will use all of the categories selected by the member, there is no limit. However, it will show 10 results and the visitor can scroll down to see the rest: