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Member Leads Module

The member leads module provides a great user experience, making it easy to manage incoming leads submitted by website users.

Leads Module

To open the Lead Module, navigate to:

  • Interactions
  • Member Leads

Leads Module Settings

  1. Lead ID: This is the Lead of the ID.
  2. Actions Dropdown (Explained Below).
  3. Submitted: Date and Time in which the lead was submitted.
  4. IP Address of the lead submitter. It can be blocked if it ends up being a SPAM submission.
  5. Accepted: Number of times the lead has been accepted.
  6. Total Matches: Number of times the lead has been matched.
  7. Total Revenue: Total amount of revenue generated by this lead.
  8. Lead Status (Pending, Followup, Matched, Sold Out, Closed, Bad Leads, Delete).

Pending - The lead has been submitted but it has not been matched with any of the website members that can receive leads.

Follow Up - * Requires additional follow up.

Matched - The lead has been matched to members and hasn't been accepted/paid by a member yet.

Sold Out - The lead has been sold.

Closed - Lead has been accepted and no more actions are required.

Bad Leads - * Could be a spam or accidental lead.

Delete - * Lead needs to deleted.

* Denotes an internal status for admin purposes only

Actions Dropdown:

  • Match Lead: Here's the option to see more details of Leads and manually match them to members.
  • Edit Lead: The option is there for all directory owners to control what gets submitted on the lead.
  • Email Submitter: The option is there to email the user who submitted the lead.
  • Delete: One can quickly delete any undesired lead on the website.

Lead Information

The information submitted on the Lead will be visible under Lead Information and the option for the admin to leave some internal notes to the member.

  • Origin Page: This will show the link from the page the lead was submitted.
  • Name: Submitters name
  • Email: Submitters email
  • Phone Number: Submitters number
  • Preferred Reply Time and Date: When the lead will prefer to be contacted
  • Location: Submitters location
  • Select an Option: Top Category Selected by the submitter
  • Message: Submitters message to lead
  • Internal Note To Member: As an admin, there's the option to add a note for the member regarding the specific lead.

NOTE: This information may vary based on the fields of the Get Matched Form.

Filter Options

The information can be filtered by:

  • Keyword / Lead ID
  • Date Range
  • Submitter Email
  • Lead Status
  • Top Category
  • Sub Category

The option to select all leads and bulk change their status is also possible:

Options to Bulk Change Status

  • Pending
  • Followup
  • Matched
  • Sold Out
  • Closed
  • Bad Leads
  • Delete