How To Create Smart List Webhooks


Here is an overview of our Webhooks functionality: Developer Hub - Webhooks

The Webhooks functionality can be used to send data to any URL endpoint. This allows for sending data to intermediaries (Zapier, Pabbly Connect, Wokato, APIFuse, etc), API endpoints on other platforms, or custom endpoints created by the user to receive data.

Create the Smart List

The first step is to create the smart list based on the member search results. 

Please follow the steps in this article: My Members ยป Smart Lists

Create the Webhook Event

We need to create the Webhook Event on Zapier, Pabbly Connect, Wokato, APIFuse, etc.

We have another article that explains how to do it: Connecting Webhook Events With Zapier

However, we will share specific instructions for smart lists on this article.  

For this example, we are going to use Zapier. 

Please create a new Zapier account or log in to an existing account

Click on the "+ Create Zap" button: 

Next, add a Zap name at the top left.

Click on the "1. Trigger" button: 

Select the "Webhook" option: 

Then in the right sidebar select the Event >> Catch Hook and click on "Continue":

Then click on "Continue" again:

Copy the Webhook URL:

Add the Webhook URL to the BD Admin

On a new tab, please go to the admin. 

Then go to Developer Hub >> Webhooks: 


In the search bar, please type "Smart". 

Then find the "Members Smart Lists", paste the Webhook URL, turn the Webhook on by clicking the toggle button, and save the changes at the top right.  

NOTE: If the Webhook URL is pasted on the "Member Smart Lists" field above, it will apply to all "Member" Smarlists created on the site. 

If it only needs to apply to a specific smart list, then click on "New Webhook +"

Then select the specific smart list you want to create the Webhook for:

Go to My Members >> Smart Lists. 

Find the smart list created at the beginning of this article and click on Actions >> Sync Webhook Now:

Select the information that needs to be sent on the webhook and click on the "Continue With Webhook" button: 

A success pop-up will show up.

Please click on "Close Window":

Test the Trigger

Now go back to Zapier and click on "Test trigger":

Zapier will show the information sent from the admin, which means it was connected correctly. 

Select a request and click on "Continue with selected record":

Here is where we need to select what we want to do (Create a new google sheet, send an email notification, etc). 

In this case, we will create a new Google Sheet, so we will type "Sheet" on the search bar and select "Google Sheets":

For this example, we will create a new spreadsheet row. 

Zapier will ask to connect a Google Account to proceed. 

We are going to create a new Google spreadsheet for this example and we will call it "Smart List Webhook". 

We added some of the fields we would like to include on the webhook: 

Then go back to Zapier.

When the account has been connected, Zapier will recognize the new spreadsheet created. 

Parse the data and click on Test: 

Check the spreadsheet to see if the information was updated: 

Go back to Zapier and click on "Publish"

Schedule the Webhook

There are 3 ways to schedule a smart list webhook: 

  1. Schedule Daily: The cron job will run once every day.
  2. Schedule Weekly: The cron job will run every Sunday.  
  3. Schedule Monthly: The cron job will run on the first day of the month.

It can be selected here: 

NOTE: The options above will only show up when the "Members Smart Lists" webhook was previously enabled under Developer Hub >> Webhooks.

The system will automatically create a cron job that will run on the selected schedule: