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IMPORTANT NOTE: Unless doing heavy customizations to the underlying code of a website's design, there is no need to edit these settings as they already are optimized for use on a Brilliant Directories website.

This article will cover the image settings for the following:

  • Froala Text Editor Images

When viewing the Image Settings page, the settings covered here can be seen in this section:

The default width of images inserted into the Froala WYSIWYG editor on the website's frontend. By setting the value to '0', the images will begin at their natural, unaltered width.

When an image is uploaded to the front end Froala editor, the system will use the width to limit the image to those dimensions.

In this example, the image is 1280x853 px:

However when uploaded through the front-end, the image is displayed at 300 px:

Same on the front-end:

But when the image is opened in a new tab, the original size is retained: