How Can I Create a New Text Label or Custom Text Labels


Currently, there isn't a method to create custom text labels. However, you can create a custom widget that includes the text you want to render in various areas on your site using shortcode.

  1. Log into your BD admin area.
  2. Navigate to TOOLBOX >> WIDGET MANAGER
  3. Click on the NEW WIDGET button
  4. In the HTML Tab, enter the plain text you want to use like a Text Label
  5. Give the Widget an easy Nickname format, which you may want to use for other Text Labels created with this method.
    1. FOR EXAMPLE: If the widget text will be "Join Us", you may want to Nickname the Widget: "Text - Join Us". And the reuse this naming convention for other Text Labels created using this method
  6. After you've saved your name widget, you can then use the Widget shortcode anywhere you want your text to render. In the example above, the shortcode for the widget would be [widget=Text - Join Us] 
    1. Then, where ever you use this shortcode, the text "Join Us" will render on the website.