It's completely understandable why many website owners want to launch with all of the features available to them out of the gate. We have many cool features to choose from, such as coupons, videos, classifieds, articles, properties, photos, and more. It would seem only logical to make all of these features available on your website for visitors to see from day one. 

The only drawback to activating all features for the launch of your website is that you are painting yourself into a corner by having to spend countless hours creating content for all of these features. 

It is better to choose one or two features that have a ton of member content, which provides an excellent user experience, than to have 10 features with just a few posts on each. When a visitor clicks on your "coupons" link, they should land on a results page with dozens, if not hundreds, of results. They should be able to search for coupons in San Francisco and get results. If you are not delivering this to the public, then the overall experience is poor. 

The best practice is to select one or two features that bring your industry the most value and do a fantastic job creating content for these. If you have a Real Estate site, then focus your energy on adding hundreds of properties.  This way, when you sell your site to prospects, they will see the value of joining. Potential members don't want to join a site that is in "Beta mode". 

So give yourself a hand as you start out on this amazing journey picking one or two features for your initial launch!