To customize the auto-suggest on your website please follow these steps:

  1. Login to your ADMIN


Auto-Suggest Settings

Rule Variable: This is the variable that you will need to place inside the search widget: This is the variable that will be linked to the search box you would like to apply the auto-suggest rule to. 

You can locate the current variable being used by hovering your mouse over the search box and inspecting the element. Here is a quick video that shows you how to complete this. 

In this short GIF, you are able to see that the current class is member_search. If we use this same variable in our auto-suggest rule, the new rules will instantly take effect anywhere that class is being used. 

Use a Class or ID: It is always recommend to select "Class". 

Enable Auto-Suggest After How Many Characters: This is the number of characters a website visitor needs to enter before the auto-suggest starts to show options. 

Maximum Auto-Suggest Limit: The total number allowed to be shown. If there area total of 25 possible results, but your limit is 10, only ten results will show, respected the order that you set in the "Select the features you would like to be searched in your autosuggest rule" section. 

Auto-Suggest Rule Settings

Enable Listings: This decides whether or not listings will appear in the auto-suggest. The same setting is available for all features and categories as well. 

Limit: The amount of listings that will display so long as the max limit has not already been reached. 

Photo: This allows you to decide whether or not a photo will display in the auto-suggest. We suggest turning this on for Listings and all features. 

Link: Turning this on will automatically take the visitor to the next page. Turning this off will auto-fill the box with that entry, but still allow the visitor to add a location. We suggest setting categories to "no" and the rest "yes". 

Show Header: The "Header" is the main title for that section. The following image shows three features that have "Show Header" as "Yes". 

Location: If "Yes" is selected, the location for that member or data post will show in the auto-suggest. In the image above, "Listings" have this set to "yes". 

Details: This will add a second line of information in the auto-suggest. The details vary on the item selected: 

  • Listing Details = The top-level category
  • Sub-Categories Details = The top-level category. If it is a sub-sub, it will show the parent category (sub-level)
  • All Feature Details = They will show the name of the Feature. Some customers prefer to use this instead of the "Show Header" option. 

Editing The Order

The auto-suggest also allows you to easily change the order of items being shown in your auto-suggest. 

The highlighted modules are the ones active on the rule that's being edited:

In order to restore the settings back to default, click on the Restore Button:

This tool will reset all the settings to their default version and delete any updates you have completed so far. 

If you want to learn more about this add-on, please read this article: How To Edit Keyword Search Autosuggest Settings For Member Searches