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Where Can I Access This Tool?

Access this tool from the admin section by navigating to Toolbox » Sidebar Manager. All sites come with 4 Default Sidebars (Global Website Search & Personal Post Feed sidebars are only available when these add-ons are active on-site):

How to Edit These Sidebars

Default sidebars can be edited by clicking on Customize under Actions drop-down and Custom sidebars can be edited by clicking on Edit:

Once the Sidebar has been selected, search through the available widgets to use in the selected sidebar. After the widget is found, drag and drop the module into the desired position on the sidebar. 

For this example, we located the "Bootstrap Theme - Search Module - Local Radius Search"  for the Member Search Results sidebar.

It is also possible to delete undesired widgets from the sidebar by clicking the X:

The front-end before saving and making these changes:

With the new sidebar changes:

**Important note: Only one dropdown search module will work properly per sidebar. 

Other Options for the Sidebar Manager

Actions For Custom Sidebars

Right next to the "Edit" button is the "Actions" option:

Under the actions, it is possible to:

"Disable" - This will disable the sidebar if it is being used on the site. The system will instead use the default version of the sidebar.

"Clone" - The recommended way to create a new sidebar.

"Copy Shortcode"

This is helpful if it is needed to call the sidebar or a widget.

"Delete" - Deletes the entire sidebar from the site.

Bulk Actions

Use the checkboxes to individually select each sidebar or use the main checkbox to select all:

Then choose one of the available Bulk Actions and click Apply:

The selected bulk action will be taken on the sidebars:

New Sidebar

The last option is to create a new sidebar manually. Accomplish this by clicking the button on the far right:

Additional Information:

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