Where Can I Access This Tool?

You can access this tool from your admin section by navigating to Toolbox » Sidebar Manager

How Can I Edit These Sidebars?

Once inside the sidebar manager, you will see the "Edit" option available

Once the Sidebar has been selected, you can search through the available widgets to use in the sidebar you have selected to edit. Once you have identified the widget to use, drag and drop the module into the desired location of the sidebar. 

For this example we located the "Bootstrap Theme - Search Module - Sub + Sub-Sub" 


You can also delete undesired widgets from the sidebar by clicking the X:

This is how it looked on the front-end before saving and making these changes:

This is how it looks now, our sidebar search changed!

Other Options On Sidebar Manager

Right next to the "Edit" button, you will see the "Actions" option:

Under the actions, you can either choose to "Clone" a sidebar which is the recommend way to create a new sidebar and you also have the  "Delete" option as well.

One last option is to create a new sidebar manually. You can accomplish this by clicking the button on the far right:

If you would like to learn more about how to create a sidebar manually, please visit the article down below.

How To Create A Sidebar