On some cases, you might want to know how to show or hide the tabs on the member's back-end profile, depending on the Membership Plan that your members are signing into. 

When we talk about tabs on the member's back-end profile, we are making reference to these tab located in the member's profile, such as Contact Details, Listing Details, About and Profile Photo Upload.

If you would like to hide any of them please follow the instructions below: 

1. Go to your admin dashboard and go to Finance.

2. Click on Membership Plans.

3. Click on Edit for the Membership Plan you wish to edit.

4. Click on the Profile tab.

5. Chose which tabs you wish to display on the member's back-end profile.

In this case, I'll choose the Enable Listing Details Tab >> No and the Enable About Tab >> No. 

6. Click Save. 

When someone signs up these 2 sections will be hidden for them: 

If you enable these options again, it will look like this: