Essentially Features have two main pages the search result page where all the results for that feature show up and the detail pages where the details of every single post from that feature shows up. 

An example of a feature search result page is: The Jobs Feature Search Result Page:

An example of a feature detail page is: A Job Feature Post Page:

The Brilliant Directories Software will allow you to add specific sidebars to each of those pages.

In order to set these sidebars, you will need to navigate to CONTENT >> EDIT POST SETTINGS and select the feature you want to edit:

Once the Membership Features come up, you will need to select Edit for the feature you wish to edit:

Search Results Design

Once inside the feature you will need to navigate to the Search Results Design tab:

And scroll down to the sidebar section:

From the drop down, you can easily select the available sidebars to be used in this section in specific for this feature:

This will automatically assign the sidebar you have selected to the feature you have set this up for, on the search results page, (eg. ). 

Detail Page Settings Sections

The process will start the same way as before, Membership Features and select the feature you want to edit. In order to update the sidebar for this section, you will need to navigate to the Detail Page Design

And scroll to the sidebar section, like this:

From the list, you will be able to select the sidebar you will like to add to the Details Page section of the features.