How To Edit The SEO & Social Media Elements Of A Static Web Page


To edit the SEO and Social Media elements of a Static Page, please follow these steps:

Navigate to My Content - Web Page Builder


Find the static page and click on the Edit button to make changes.


When the page loads, move to the SEO Settings tab. Check the information below to learn how to edit it:

1. SEO Meta Tags: Add the Page Meta Title, Meta Description, and Meta Keywords for a custom page. Keep in mind that default pages will already have the SEO information optimized including Default SEO Variables.

2. Social Media Sharing: In this section, it is possible to define the Social Media Title, Description, and Shared Image to display when sharing the page on social media. Websites have these details already optimized on default pages (except the image).

3. Once the information has been edited, Click on the "Save Web Page" button to save the changes.