IMPORTANT: If you have the Members Only Website setting set to YES no* Social Media Details are going to be shared.

To edit the Social Media SEO settings of a static page please follow these instructions:

1. Go to Content - Edit Web Pages

2. Edit the page you wish to focus on:

2. Scroll down until you find the area for Social Media Sharing:

3. You can set an image as the "Facebook share image", but like applying SEO settings, these are only suggestions and the social media sites and search engines will choose at their own discretion whether to use them or not. Within the Social Media Image box we would recommend using a relative path, meaning not specifying the URL, just /image/name-of-image.png but you can use the entire URL path that will also work.

You can also use this article if you wish to have a generic social media image:

How to Set a Default Social Media Image

4. Click on "Save this page".