Google Analytics has 2 ways to track the metrics of a site: Universal Analytics or Google Analytics 4.0. This article explains more about these 2 options: Universal Analytics versus Google Analytics 4 data

Universal Analytics uses a UA ID, whereas Google Analytics 4.0 or GA4 uses Tags.

To identify what process to follow check if the ID starts with "G" or with "UA". 

1. G:

If the ID starts with "G" this corresponds to a Google Analytics 4 tag. To add this type of ID follow the instructions on this article: Install Google Analytics 4 Tags

2. UA:

If the ID starts with "UA" it's a Universal Analytics ID, follow the instructions on this article to install this type of Analytics.

To set up Google Universal Analytics tracking, an Analytics tracking UA-ID is needed or the entire Javascript tracking code snippet, in our platform we have an integrated field to add the Google Analytics ID with no extra coding. 

To find the tracking ID, sign in to your Analytics account: Set up Analytics tracking - Google Help

Adding Google Analytics ID

  1. Go to Settings » General Settings. Click on Integrations:

  2. Enter the ID into the Google Analytics ID field:

    eg: UA-XXXXXXX-X

For additional questions or help setting this up, please submit a ticket to [email protected] or create a ticket HERE.