Customizing the text used throughout a site is both very useful and can involve a long process, especially when the same text needs to be changed over and over again across many different pages of the site. 

To learn how to identify text labels on the site, navigate to the following link: How To Locate Text Labels On The Front End Of A Website 

For example, the word "company" is used in many pages throughout the site, but some website owners may prefer to use a different word for this, like "startup", depending on the topic of the site.

The good news is, we have a solution for this to change the same word used in multiple locations by just changing it a single time!  We call this feature "Text Labels".

To access all of the Text Labels of the site and make updates to them, please follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings » Text Labels

  2. Type in the text needing to be replaced into the search field:

    Typing text into this field will automatically filter all of the available Text Labels to show only the ones that match what was typed in the search:

  3. Once the Text Label is located, replace the text currently in the field with the new text. Save changes!

To search for a specific value use the text label that's being searched for within brackets. This is a search example for the text label: [Listing]

By default when there are 2 percentage signs, the system will pluralize the value in the text label by adding an "s". If there is a value in the Plural version variable, the system will use that instead.

Example: by default, the system will add an "s" at the end of the word Client when using the plural version of the following text label:

If a different value is needed instead of Clients, use the Plural version of the text label, the system will use this instead:

Additional Functionality:

Text label variables names can be copied:

All text labels can also be restored to their default value: