What is the "Admin Only" Option in the Membership Plans Used For?

Link: https://support.brilliantdirectories.com/support/solutions/articles/5000687182-what-is-the-admin-only-option-in-the-membership-plans-used-for-

 These options are used to hide the price when signing a member to a specific membership plan. 

This feature is helpful for cases where the partner only wants to offer a specific price for a particular membership plan on the pricing page, but would also want to have the ability to upgrade specific members in the case they do not want to maintain a monthly, yearly or even semi-yearly payment.

The admin for these cases will be able to upgrade the member's account to another payment option through a request by the member (email, telephone call, etc..). So the result would be that the signed members would see a list of payment options, but they could offer additional ones (The ones marked as Admin Only) if they requested this to the partner or wanted to change to a special type of payment option for their membership plan.

How does it work? 

For example, we have a membership plan called "Featured". In our membership plan, the pricing is shown in the image below. 

There are two prices: a monthly price of $9.99 and a yearly price of $99.99, none of them are set as Admin Only:

If someone tries to sign up using this membership plan, he would see on the signup page the following:

If the option "Admin Only" option is checked in the Yearly Price as seen in the following image, this option will disappear from the payment page:

We have marked the Yearly Price as "Admin Only", this would result in the signup process showing like this:

As seen in the image above, only the Monthly Price is shown, the yearly price has disappeared from the list. 

Now if we go ahead and mark both options as "Admin Only":

Our end result on the signup page would be this: