To write an article for your blog, you must do the following:

Find the member that will be authorized to make your website blog posts, by default we create a specific membership level called "Admin - Blog Contributor" with one member with this capability with the same name.

Click on Login as Member to access this account:

On the left sidebar, you are going to find the Blog Article feature.

Here you can click on "Add Blog Article".  On the next screen, we can add some content to the article such as the title, description, image and more as explained below:

1. Publish content on the site or save it as a draft.

2. Add the Title of the article.

3. Enter the category that matches the content.

4. Add an image to your article.

5. Enter keywords that apply. Separate with comma!.

6. Add content to your article, use the editor to give it the styling and structure of your liking. You can add images by copy and pasting. 

Custom SEO Data (optional) 

7. Enter Meta Title.

8. Enter Meta Description.

9. Enter Meta Keywords.

Now here is how you can find the article you've had created:

Your article will now appear on your site as shown below.


As you can see all membership features have a page designated for the feature by default:

You may want to see this excellent video that covers How to Start Blogging on Your Website: