Access your Member's Dashboard, on the left sidebar you are going to find the Event feature.

Here you'll find a new event, now we can add some content to it like the title, description, image and more as explained through the points mentioned and the image shown below:

1. Publish content on the site or save it as a draft.

2. Add the Title of the Event.

3. Add an image to your Event.

4. Select the Event's Category that applies.

5. Click on the "Start Date" for the Calendar to pop-up and choose the date.

6. Click on the "End Date" for the Calendar to pop-up and choose the date.

7. Add the Cost to Attend.

8. Enter keywords that apply. Separate with comma!.

9. Add an External Link if necessary.

10. Add the Venue Name.

11. Add the address of the Event.

12. The Complete address will be auto-populated by typing it in point #11.

13. Enter the Description of the Event.

14. View Events that already exist, it will also tell you how many events are on your profile.

15. Create a new event. (Will not display if the limit of posts has been reached.)

Now here is how you can find the event you've had created:

This is how the event displays in the Member's Dashboard:

Lastly, this is how the article displays on the site: 


As you can see all membership features have a page designated for the feature by default:



Click on View Details:

Here you'll find:

  • All of the Details (Date, Price, Tags, Name of the Venue) of the Event.
  • The main description of the Event.
  • "Contact This Member" will send a direct message to the member.
  • "View More Details" will take you to the External Link of the Property.

Note on recurring events (add on required):

After an event’s start date has begun, since it is no longer an upcoming event, it will no longer display in the search results.

The event search results only display events that are upcoming and have not started yet.

To enhance events functionality, consider the auto-recurring events add-on which includes the ability to display events in search results even after their initial start date has begun.

Without the recurring events add on, events with start dates that have already begun will no longer display in search results because they are no longer “upcoming” events (they’ve already started).  With this add-on, even after the event’s start date has begun, as long as the event has another future recurring date, the event will continue to display in the search results of your site - which helps keep your site looking more populated with content.