A lead is when a business or professional on your website is contacted by a user of your website. A lead equals additional business for your members. This means that you will have their full attention if you contact them with a real lead sitting in their account.

If your website is relatively new we recommend going the extra mile for each lead that comes into your website. This is your opportunity to sell your members on a Premium membership. Going the extra mile means getting on the phone and nurturing a relationship with the listing that was contacted by a user of your website.

Whether you try to upsell them on that first call, or just call to check up on them and make sure they have no questions regarding the lead you just sent their way, getting on the phone and personally introducing yourself is the way to maximize signups. Business owners want to know there is a person on the other end that can answer any of their questions.

When your business listing accepts their lead, you should call them on the next day and see how everything went. Take that opportunity to ask them if they have any feedback for you. This will show your commitment to customer service excellence and will provide a good foundation for your next call when you really sell them on why they should upgrade to a premium listing.