The contact form is intended for website users to contact the website administrator directly. You can access this form here:

Where Do Messages Sent Via This Form Go?

You can access contact form submissions by navigating to Emails --> Form Inquiries:

Email Notifications: 

Website Administrator

The website administrator receives the following email template the moment the contact details form is completed:

This is how the email will look like in the admin email inbox:

Form Submitter

The person that submits this form will also get an email:

This is what it looks like in the email inbox:

Default Form Layout

How To Reply

The best way to reply to inquiries that are submitted via the contact details form is to go to Emails - Form Inquiries in the admin:

From here, you can reply directly via the admin. Please note that any further back and forth emails will not be recorded here and rather in your administrator email account. 

You can also add notes, change the label to "Archive" or "Delete" should you wish to hide the inquiry.