This article explains what the system does when a member tries to sign up for a Free or Paid Membership Plan but for some reason, the system doesn't allow them to create the listing. 

Paid Membership Plans

If the person enters incorrect credit card information when filling out the paid signup form, the payment will be rejected by the payment gateway and an error message will be shown with the response from the payment gateway:  


The visitor will then have the opportunity to update their credit card information and try to sign up again.  

In the past, the system created the member and it was marked as past due. However, in our last update, the member's account will not be created until the payment is completed.

There are 2 ways to see these notifications to know who tried to signup on the website. 

First Notification 

The system will log the failed signups in the Activity Tracker.  

1. Find these and other billing-related log entries navigating to Dashboard >> Activity Tracker.

2. Then go to the filter section. 

3. Filter the results by "Finance".

4. The category of these messages will be "Failed Transaction". 

5. The description will show the signup details like the name on card, email, membership plan, billing cycle and address. 

6. At the bottom will appear the "Failed Signup Reason". This is the most important part of the message because it will show the exact reason why the member account was not created.  

Second Notification

The system will also send an email notification of the failed signup to the Default Website Email:

Our recommendation is to reach out by email if the member was not able to sign up successfully.  This allows for an opportunity to offer assistance and help them with the signup process. 

NOTE: The system is not going to take in consideration blocked words added into the "Block Spam Keyword" add-on. This add-on will only work in free membership plan forms. 

Free Membership Plans

There are different reasons why a free member cannot signup on the website. 

For example, if they enter a word previously added in the "Block Spam Keywords": 

The system won't allow the member to create an account because it will process it as spam: 

The error will be displayed in the Activity Tracker as well. 

In this case, the error was a spam word, so the exact word will be displayed in the description:   

An email will be sent to the "Default Website Email" as well:  

There are other errors that can cause an account to not be created. So we will recommend looking at the "Failed Signup Reason", it will explain the exact cause of the issue.  

Deactivating Email Notifications

Email notifications can be deactivated by navigating to Settings >> Advanced Settings >> Send Failed Payment Notification Emails >> Set it to "0" instead of "1" 

If you want to enable these notifications, please set it to "1". 

NOTE: As we mentioned, prior to December 2019, the system would handle this situation differently. It would instead create a new Member with the status of "Past due". This workflow is now updated to work as indicated above.

For more information about the signup process from the member's perspective, please see this article: Member Signups from the Member's Perspective.