How To Select Categories as a Member


In this article, we will cover how to select categories as a member and how to enable sub category selection for the members inside the admin.


Login using the member credentials or log in as a member in the Admin Dashboard - Login As Member

Once logged in as a member click on the Contact Details Form:

There is going to be a form field called Top Category or Best Describes You, now select the one that suits the member's business:

Scroll down the form and click on Save & Continue, this will redirect to the Profile Photo tab automatically

From there click on the Listing Details tab:

Members can select multiple sub-categories that they Specializes in:

** It is also possible to Search by Keyword if there are a lot of categories on this form. 

It is also important to note that this list will follow the "Front-End Display" setting inside the Member Categories tab of the Admin Dashboard**

Once the Sub or Sub-sub category has been selected, it will appear as a tag below the "You Are Listed.." message:

Clicking on the "X" on these tags will also de-select the category from the selected options:

Scroll down and click on Save & Continue. 

The specialties will appear inside their own tab on the profile page:


** The "Specialty/Specialties" wording is a text label that can be changed:

Enabling Category Selection for Members

Member category selection can be enabled per membership plan - there are two settings that allow members to select multiple categories. These settings are in Membership Plans > Plan Settings:

  1. Search Visibility > Max. Sub-Level Categories Member Can Select

    This determines the maximum sub-level categories a member can list in. Enter 'all' to auto-list members in all the available sub categories. Enter 'unlimited' to allow members to select as many sub-level categories as they wish.

  2. Post Publishing > Member Specialties Checkbox

    ACTIVATE so these members can select sub-level categories in their member dashboard area