On this article, you are going to learn how to select categories as a member.


  • The Top Category is selected in the Contact Details form.
  • The Sub Categories and Sub-Sub Categories are selected in the Listing Details form.

You can login using the member credentials or you can also login as a member in your Admin Dashboard please see: Login As Member

Now that you are logged as a member, you must do the following:

Click on the Contact Details Form.

There is going to be a form field called Top Category or Best Describes You, now select the one that suits your member's business:

Scroll down and click on Save & Continue. 

Click on the Listing Details tab:

Select the Categories that your member Specializes in:

Like this:

Scroll down and click on Save & Continue. 

Lastly, if you search for "Frog" you are going to see the member that selected "Frog" as a subcategory:

And also "Fauna":