How to Clone a Post Type


In some cases, the admin might want to have a duplicate a post type but with a different name and for a different purpose. Follow the steps in this article, to learn how to clone a post type.

In this example, the Events post type will be cloned in order to create an Open House post type.

Go to My Content >> Edit Post Settings

Find the post type to be cloned and hover over the Actions > Click on Clone

Now, the new cloned post type will appear at the top, click on Edit:

Edit the Name and URL  in these fields:

In this case, the cloned post type will be called "Open House"

Name: Open House

URL Permalink: open-house

On the Profile Page Design tab, update the Profile Page Tab Title:

On the "Search Results Design" tab must also update the H1 that is going to display in your search results page.  

Finally, Click on Save Changes.

Adding the new Post Type to Membership Plans

The last step is to add the new post type to each membership plan by going to Finance >> Membership Plans >> Post Publishing Tab >> Check the "Can Post" 

Now members subscribed to this membership plan will be able to post "Open Houses". 

All new posts will be published in the link previously added for the post type.