Modifying Invoices


We will start this article by explaining how to download invoices (Add-on). If needed to know how to edit the invoices information please scroll down to the "Modifying Invoices Information" section.

Downloading Invoices:

By default, the system does not send invoices automatically after a member pays, however, if the "Downloadable PDF Invoices" add-on is active, members can log in to their account and download the invoices from the Billing Section of their dashboard. 

Note: We have another add-on that will send invoices automatically: Billing Reminder Emails add-on

In this section, they will be able to add a billing address and this address will be reflected on their invoices only, it won't modify the listing address. 

 Also, they will be able to see the Open and Cancelled Subscriptions:

Meaning of the Statuses:

Active orders: 

This means that this order is still open and if it's recurring it will automatically auto-renew every 30 - 90 - 182 - 365 days. If the order (subscription) is "Active" but it was a One-Time Payment, it won't auto-renew. 


Cancelled orders

This means that the order has been cancelled. 

When a member is deleted, by default, the system will auto cancel all subscriptions related to this member. 

Modifying Invoices Information:

Usually, the "Pay To" section is empty, if it needs to be added on the site,  please go to Settings >> Advanced Settings >> billing_pay_to and add the company information.

Here can be added the ABN Number to be compliant with Australian tax law or any other VAT number required.  


NOTE: We do not recommend adding more than 5 lines here: 

The payments information will be updated by the system automatically, depending on the membership plan, price or posts purchased. 

If the language of the PDF Invoice needs to be edited, please go to Settings >> General Settings >> Localization tab >> Default Website Language: 

Under Settings >> General Settings >> Brand Images section, the Invoice Logo can be changed. 

By default, the system will use the "Website Logo" but if it needs to be changed because it is too big or a new logo needs to be used, then upload a new "Invoice Logo". Keep in mind that this image needs to be in JPG format. 

To know everything about downloading invoices, please read this article: How To Download Invoices