In this article, you are going to learn how to set up one-time payments instead of monthly, semi-yearly or yearly payments. 

Sometimes our partners want to add a one-time payment membership (Same as what we do here at Brilliant Directories).  

If this is your case please follow these simple steps to set it up correctly. 

1. Go to the admin and click on Finance >> Membership Plans >> Find the membership level where you want to set up the one-time payment and click on Edit: 


2. In the menu at the top, please choose the option "Pricing" and only add the price in the "One-time setup fee" option. 

Leave blank the monthly, semi-yearly and yearly or type a "0".  

3. Make sure the "Account type" says "Paid".

About the "Preferred Payment Term" option, it doesn't matter what you choose, it won't affect the one-time payment. 

4. Also in the General tab please make sure to select "Sign Up Email Sent" --> "Welcome-paid-member": 

5. After you followed these steps please make a test creating a new member from the /join page and in the "Select a Payment Option" should be the amount you added to the membership level as a one-time payment:  


And now you have a one-time payment membership level. 

If you want to create a one time fee + a monthly, yearly or semi-yearly payment please read this documentation: Setting up Recurring Payments.

If you want to create Free Products please read this documentation: Setting up Free Products

If you would like to change the amount of the products displayed in the image below please read this article:

How to add a Product (Membership Level) to the Join page