Guide 5. How to Edit Public Pricing Page (the /join page)


By default, all sites come with a default Join page that can be accessed using the "" URL and through the Main Menu link on the Homepage:

Through this page, encourage the website visitors to join the site with a Join page that feels personalized and properly synced to thesite. A page that is easy to use and easy to read and that clearly directs users to click on the best plan for them is what we recommend.

Selecting the "Click to Join Now" button will redirect them to the /checkout pages. The only difference between these pages is when it comes to the forms; FREE and PAID:


This form will only ask for Email (username) and Password.

** The /checkout pages will display the Membership Plan name automatically. **


This form will ask for Email (username) and Password and the Credit Card information if the website is using an On-site Payment Gateway like Stripe

If the website is using an Off-site Gateway like PayPal it will redirect the user to the site to complete the payment.

Additional Information:

» Stripe or PayPal Standard?

» Supported Payment Gateways

This form shows the checkout process using Stripe:

This form shows the checkout process using PayPal:

GDPR for these pages can be enabled/disabled inside Settings » General Settings » Configuration tab: User Consent Tools (GDPR Compliance)

Back-End Information:

This page can be found inside Content » Edit Web Pages » Pricing Page:

The first three items on this image can be edited to fit the site:

1. URL  (best to leave as is)

2. Page Title (H1)

3. Sub Title (H2) 

4-7. These tabs are for adding custom text, CSS, HTML and Footer content. Edit the Hero Section of the page accordingly: 

» How to add a Hero Section on Static Pages

There are two additional widgets that can be used on the page:

8. The Claim Listing add-on, it requires a subscription: Claimable Business Listings. If this add-on is not enabled, this will not display on the site. This widget will only appear for anyone going through the claim a listing process.

9. Side by Side pricing widget displays the membership plan tables inside the Pricing Page menu on the site. 

» Side-By-Side Pricing Tables » Introduction

10. This is where the information for each plan can be edited. 

11. These are the Pre Made Elements: Web Page Builder » Pre-Made Elements

Additional Information:

» To read more about the Web Pages, follow this link: Web Pages Folder

» For more about the Widgets, follow this link: Toolbox » Widget Manager

Editing the Join Page Tables:

This page comes with a set of pre-made tables where all of the plan details can be listed. Below we go over all of these parts of the page and how to edit them:


These sections can be split into the following:

  1. Plan Name, Pricing and Checkout Button/Link.
  2. Plan Description - "This is some text about why..."
  3. This is the first of two tables where the Plan Features can be showcased.
  4. This is the second table where the Plan Features will go.

All of these tables will show edit options when clicked:

All of the text is controlled by the main Froala Editor options:

The "Click to Join Now" button will show different options where the link can be edited when clicked on. Find the "Edit Link" button:

The number at the end of the "/checkout/X" URL is determined by the plan ID:

Extra text and images can also be added inside the WYSIWYG editor and the content will appear on the Join Page.

Additional Information:

» Everything About WYSIWYG Editors

» How to Post Images On WYSIWYG Editors

This page also comes with divider tables to provide equal spacing between the plans: