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Main Design

This article explains how to edit settings available in the "Main Design" section of the "Design Settings"

Visual Guide of the Main Design

To get to this area, navigate to:

  • Settings 
  • Design Settings
  • General tab
  • Click on the "Main Design" module to toggle it open

1. Body Font Family 

The typography is generated by Google Fonts,  see their collection

For this example we are going to use Open Sans.

2. Heading Font Family

This font setting will change the headings on the site.

3. Body Font Size

Increase or decrease the size of the Body Font. 14 pixels is our recommended Body Font size.

4. Website Body Width

  • Standard (Default)
  • Extra Wide: Recommended for large screens.

5. Google Map Theme

Style the Google Map View, to learn more about this setting, navigate to the following support article: Styled Google Maps

Main Website Colors

6. Body Background

Use the Color Picker to select the color or enter the RGB color code. This is the color that we are going to use for the Body Background: rgb(255, 255, 255).

On the website Color Picker window select the color or enter the RGB code:

Use sites like Adobe Colors, Paletton to generate new color ideas for the website.

Once entered click on Save Changes, then refresh the website homepage, and see the color applied:

7. Body Font Color

The color will apply to the color of the major fonts of the website.

8. Breadcrumb Link Color

Breadcrumbs offer users a way to trace the path back to their original landing point.

9. Hyperlink Color 

If there is an area on the Body of the site with a link, this is the color that the visitors will see:

10. Hyperlink Hover Color 

If visitors hover the mouse on top of the link they will see the color changing. The hover effect appears when the user positions  the computer cursor over an element without activating it. Hover effects make a website more interactive.