Design Settings

How to Override and Edit Default CSS stylesheets
You may want to add or override default the CSS rules that are part of the website. This is useful for editing the CSS of the header, footer, background of ...
How to Add Custom Widgets to your Homepage
On Bootstrap sites, to show custom or existing widgets, for example streaming widgets, we first need to enable the Custom Homepage Content option which is f...
Adding A Video To The First Fold Of The Homepage
First, hide the entire first section by navigating to Settings - Design Settings - Homepage - Homepage Search Settings: Second, add the video as C...
How To Add A Snippet Of Code To Every Page Of A Site in The HEAD Section
There are many 3rd party applications that require adding a snippet of code to every page on the website. To do this, we simply add the code to the Websit...
How does AdSense work
From web companies to bloggers, from e-commerce sites to news sites. Whether you’ve been blogging for five minutes or five years, monetizing is one of those...
(Video) Homepage Divider
On this video we will show you how to modify the Homepage Divider widget that is located uner the homepage main image.
(Video) Homepage Search Module
Learn how to change the search box orientation, homepage alignment, Main and sub title text, color, font size and font family.
(Video) Homepage Section Order
Learn how to add and change the order of the homepage widgets as the Homepage Hero Divider, about Website / Join Offer, Streaming widgets and more.
(Video) Logo Design
Learn how to change the name of your logo, slogan, color, font, logo icon image and color.
(Video - Bootstrap) Editing The Header in Design Settings
Learn how to manipulate the header background color, font color, search button color, etc.