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We at Brilliant Directories understand that everyone isn't necessarily a creative designer oriented person, some of us are just great sales and business people. Due to that reason we have created in collaboration with our community a series of ready made color templates for the website. 

We have many design settings on the software to set up a completely custom color arrangement for the site.

Essentially these color sets/templates are basically different combinations of those settings packaged up into one setting.

Find all the different color set options in the admin panel under Settings >> Design Settings >> Color Sets

To apply one of these color sets to the site:

  1. Click on the template.
  2. Hit the Save Changes button on the top right corner of the admin panel.
  3. Refresh Cache in Admin Panel: Refreshing The Cache Of The Website
  4. Refresh the Admin panel page: Hit Control+Shift+R on keyboard.
  5. Visit Website by clicking on the top right corner button.